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Sunday, June 22, 2008

autentik human

conscience and instinct is one
mixed in dark soul more groan
i only a human
wish for a soul peacefulness
perfect chaffy
truth not a hope
all appearance
more i comprehend to who myself
more farer i am sunk to base my idea
always dream is a perfect
at your eye, at my life later
but as far as i step
only wound whom i am taste
try to laugh in the hard alive
try rigid in every test
i only be a hypocrite
not kan ever know to who myself actually
sometimes i felt as cold as dew morning
but sometimes be as hot as fire
i am sea then correlating revolution
change and not ever stop
do i can to be a perfect at your eye
or only be sprinkling life looser
wrong when do i want to be a human
autentik human

kos’an qiwil,
end year 2005 bowox

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