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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

public sector management restructuring concept.

momentarily capital member jakarta soon will feel how obsolence public service that given from only perusaahaan penyedia and electricity energy supplier in indonesia, that is pln. mid up to end july month 2008 this, member jakarta will return to feel electricity putting out according to periodically by pln, with argumentation that is several supplier power station jakarta mangalami damage, so that paso electricity for indonesia capital experience deficit. society as costumer can not do anything, as proper as he is customer should always get optimal service. word ”monopoli ” lah that causes society never berkutik when state-owned corporation give a bad service. then where is function pelindungan consumer which during the time been braced by consumerism law appearance? ”sssttt don't say to whoes, that only completion, law permanent will so cover not bertuan”.

then bagimanakah so that country electricity company management pattern (pln) can be to company genuinely laid society as a(n) customer that must be given a good service from a organization that move in sector public? merely suggestion or a hope, pt. pln as one of [the] company that move at public sector, can adopted service concept prima in course of service that given to society as costumer, or can also apply total concept quality management (tqm). tqm introduce process development, product and service a organization systematicly and continual. approach this is out for involves all related parties and ascertain that experience and their ideas has contribution in quality development. there are some fundamental principles that provide a basis for to approach such, like to promoting environment berfokus in quality

when does service company country electricity (pln) seen to use to approach konsepsi public sector organization theory, so we can threaten in work osborne d. and t. gaebler. osborne d. and t. gaebler (1992) merefleksi this matter is in book reinventing government, where does writer identify 12 public sector organizations characteristics, that is:
1. hold rivalry between penyedia service
2. memberdaya society member with cause the loss of bit towards society
3. measures performance
4. berfokus not in input but in processes that produce outcome
5. guided by their aim (is point of view - not by rule) and law;
6. meredefinisi client as customer;
7. give choice to society member / customer
8. prevent problem before happen than overcoming that problem
9. decentralize authority and carry out partisipative management
10. using efficiently resource to produce money, and not merely misspend it

but such, to menerapan service concept prima, tqm or konsepsi public sector organization theory in body pln, really need a long-range process, go on continually and continual, because culture a organization very difficult to changed because mengindap bureaucracy pathology disease enough acute. factors that form organization culture likes power structure, administrate system, work process, leadership, predisposisi official and potential management practices to are change hindrance. sometimes power importantest at public sector is not found in organization, but a more regular found in larger ones system. tqm can be made part from a strategy to increase commitment lembaga- public institution to give best service to society.

by herbowo sampurno

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

road drama

nb: at devote to struggle student universities in look for a justice word

meaning full alive and arti…. . but what is the meaning (of) when do we not ever appreciate itself alive. they are existing menyekelilingku, now is crying to bemoan alive. cry because a avarice word. human avarice not berotak. . . . suddenly a moppet that accompanied the eye water pittypat approach me and ask? why must i be gived at this world, hypocrisy full world. . . . scream to cry it sea ready blow up my little heart. . . . . emptiness full heart

many mentara our brothers and sisters is that stills to experience afflictions, suffering in the alive, but what can we be be done, see, hear or only come along to feel. they are never need the mentioned, they require uluran our hand, because we are part from them, and they are our relative. in this time many some of we membutakan by shiny world, treasure, honour and rank. but will what them aware that it only a illusion a moment that will lost and disappeared when do we forget towards our brothers and sisters suffering? ?

you are student university, although gyve by many rules, but you are permanent stands steady frontal this nation change. you can to be voice funnel screams to cry people often time is coverred by shiny this world. too haughty when not kusadari so the hard your alive struggle. alas quiet permanent my brother and not bergeming, mengammu not ever will break this riddle. miskinan, penganguran and hunger permanent will be problem labyrinth that then will mislead this nation. what only you student universities that think the mentioned. memanakah you alas my brothers and sisters? ? ? ? we want you in this time, moment we try to oppose a tyranny. then where go it the this nation wheel activator, i don't know akupun confused tuk answer it. . . then who actually that we opponent.

memanakan the nation wheel activator in this time? ? should be back for us all, our place asks protection, our place is berkeluh kesah, place for us tuk ask accomodation. heard only promises merely without there a certainty. this nation is glader plays in road drama, is whiching at this legitimate theater the nation wheel activator is personating antagonist actor that be robber at country self. treasure whom they look for welfare word, therefore welfare there's never because at steal by the this nation wheel activator.

by herbowo sampurno

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a work to a friend

a work to a friend formerly ever together
step in young soul

by herbowo sampurno

Saturday, September 20, 2008

try to get up in a depression

read hasn't mean t realize what read, say doesn't mean to detect meaning every the pronunciation, and endure world alive is not as easy as and as beautiful as we conceive. this be description cusorily from a discontent expression on life reality. alive really full of phenomenon or even a mysterious not ever be solved, where everyone any time, and where trapped by world shining shiny, which according to him full of gimmick, cruel and full of injustice! ! !

think on world injustice, only like to walk menempat. discussion, mutual swop fikiran only a rhetoric without there little that can be done to make justice be be internationalised this be fact. sometimes we are slalu traduce on what we are natural, on injustice action whom we see or we feel manifestly. traduce, rue what had happened matter most in vain (ga all that gw omongin this true). failure doesn't mean destruction, with our failure can pick a lesson, a knowledge from all that, to return to stare future, without having to fall in hole same.

“kegagalan little misfortune, but contrition misfortune besar”. failure valuable experience to reachess successful, don't berputus when meet failure. exactly with that failure us can learn to be better. cobalh then and don't stop midway with look at that success middle wait for you. on the contrary that contrition is not means without we want to repair it. (abdul barr, 2004)

interested with a film dialog batman begain “ don't be afraid fall, because with will fall us will learn to will stand kembali”. here's sentence that taught a father to the child that experience a trauma on insident that befall it. sentence piece has meaning deeply, anywhere hindrance or hindrance whom we face, be really progress with calm step and certain, undoubtedly we shall find exit from problem. although we must feel beforehand the sweet bitter a problem.

return kumencoba menyelami and realize meaning menyetiap sentence, sometimes laugh but sometimes confused maked it, with a few sentence piece, so that must repeating and realize it repeatedly. i only a human usually full of limitedness and disability, i always shall try and then try to find answers to all problems may be can kumengerti. but all this is is not absolute, this world is dinamic, when and where swiftly. sometimes you not can predict to when that change will happen.

then siapakah that change and move that life? “dunia grand stand sandiwara”. alive is internationalised this really be legitimate theater, and my turn asks, siapakah that be onlooker in pertujuk this world? ? and what my character? ? ? repeatedly kupahami this question meaning, but likely not kutemu a definitive answer, moment kuposisi myself as a human rasionalis not i am as a that has religion. i am as a rasionalis try to give to approach from question, but remember that not a answer. nature law that change and move this life, then siapakah that laws of nature, like to what its for? ? ?

laws of nature a where each life composers element has character and share big enough in the happening of change. like example, human sub system from nest system life, and every has character in change that in this life. but if i am as a that have a religion, i believe that human caliph for the life and life is internationalised this.

human as kahlifah for the life can be allegorized in a proverb, “setiap person architect from the success sendiri”, our self self that will bring us to success and failure in life this, our self pulal that will determine to what us happy or misery. will so us full responsibility holder our self welfare. when are we good, so ok finally, but if we are bad, so bad also finally (abdul barr, 2004). while human as caliph has been internationalised this such as those which explained in alquran (gat au what verse, what mail. look for aja self). definitive we and every makhuk existing internationalised this has part each, mutual connected and related on the way time that will change this world later up to doomsday.

then how must we menyikapi the cruel life suffering be be internationalised this, keep silence, run from every problem, or terminate our alive is this? but remember “ha alive suffering that can teach human to appreciate kindness and alive beauty. ford this life ocean although sometimes hurricane and storm rushes. try to practise to stand intermediate storm. paan suffering in life this will forge us to will be patient human and resolute. so with kesebaran and determination in face of this alive will make this life will be beautifuler (abdul barr, 2004). quiet meaningless, but how better if we try to overcome problem from in keep silence, put into a cage in depressed soul loneliness. problem then will shower this soul when not soon we shall finish, because he always will haunt soul and our idea is shaky in paan life storm.

this only sepenggal meaning that can kutangkap and kupahami in course of dialog with a sentence “walaupun only sedetik”. and necessary menggarsibawahi that speak, write really easy, but very difficult to applied manifestly when do we not ever try it. smoga can to give a deliberation properly direction instruction, to walk step wt aims life meaning livelihood.

by herbowo sampurno