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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

public sector management restructuring concept.

momentarily capital member jakarta soon will feel how obsolence public service that given from only perusaahaan penyedia and electricity energy supplier in indonesia, that is pln. mid up to end july month 2008 this, member jakarta will return to feel electricity putting out according to periodically by pln, with argumentation that is several supplier power station jakarta mangalami damage, so that paso electricity for indonesia capital experience deficit. society as costumer can not do anything, as proper as he is customer should always get optimal service. word ”monopoli ” lah that causes society never berkutik when state-owned corporation give a bad service. then where is function pelindungan consumer which during the time been braced by consumerism law appearance? ”sssttt don't say to whoes, that only completion, law permanent will so cover not bertuan”.

then bagimanakah so that country electricity company management pattern (pln) can be to company genuinely laid society as a(n) customer that must be given a good service from a organization that move in sector public? merely suggestion or a hope, pt. pln as one of [the] company that move at public sector, can adopted service concept prima in course of service that given to society as costumer, or can also apply total concept quality management (tqm). tqm introduce process development, product and service a organization systematicly and continual. approach this is out for involves all related parties and ascertain that experience and their ideas has contribution in quality development. there are some fundamental principles that provide a basis for to approach such, like to promoting environment berfokus in quality

when does service company country electricity (pln) seen to use to approach konsepsi public sector organization theory, so we can threaten in work osborne d. and t. gaebler. osborne d. and t. gaebler (1992) merefleksi this matter is in book reinventing government, where does writer identify 12 public sector organizations characteristics, that is:
1. hold rivalry between penyedia service
2. memberdaya society member with cause the loss of bit towards society
3. measures performance
4. berfokus not in input but in processes that produce outcome
5. guided by their aim (is point of view - not by rule) and law;
6. meredefinisi client as customer;
7. give choice to society member / customer
8. prevent problem before happen than overcoming that problem
9. decentralize authority and carry out partisipative management
10. using efficiently resource to produce money, and not merely misspend it

but such, to menerapan service concept prima, tqm or konsepsi public sector organization theory in body pln, really need a long-range process, go on continually and continual, because culture a organization very difficult to changed because mengindap bureaucracy pathology disease enough acute. factors that form organization culture likes power structure, administrate system, work process, leadership, predisposisi official and potential management practices to are change hindrance. sometimes power importantest at public sector is not found in organization, but a more regular found in larger ones system. tqm can be made part from a strategy to increase commitment lembaga- public institution to give best service to society.

by herbowo sampurno

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I agree with you!
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