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Saturday, September 27, 2008

road drama

nb: at devote to struggle student universities in look for a justice word

meaning full alive and arti…. . but what is the meaning (of) when do we not ever appreciate itself alive. they are existing menyekelilingku, now is crying to bemoan alive. cry because a avarice word. human avarice not berotak. . . . suddenly a moppet that accompanied the eye water pittypat approach me and ask? why must i be gived at this world, hypocrisy full world. . . . scream to cry it sea ready blow up my little heart. . . . . emptiness full heart

many mentara our brothers and sisters is that stills to experience afflictions, suffering in the alive, but what can we be be done, see, hear or only come along to feel. they are never need the mentioned, they require uluran our hand, because we are part from them, and they are our relative. in this time many some of we membutakan by shiny world, treasure, honour and rank. but will what them aware that it only a illusion a moment that will lost and disappeared when do we forget towards our brothers and sisters suffering? ?

you are student university, although gyve by many rules, but you are permanent stands steady frontal this nation change. you can to be voice funnel screams to cry people often time is coverred by shiny this world. too haughty when not kusadari so the hard your alive struggle. alas quiet permanent my brother and not bergeming, mengammu not ever will break this riddle. miskinan, penganguran and hunger permanent will be problem labyrinth that then will mislead this nation. what only you student universities that think the mentioned. memanakah you alas my brothers and sisters? ? ? ? we want you in this time, moment we try to oppose a tyranny. then where go it the this nation wheel activator, i don't know akupun confused tuk answer it. . . then who actually that we opponent.

memanakan the nation wheel activator in this time? ? should be back for us all, our place asks protection, our place is berkeluh kesah, place for us tuk ask accomodation. heard only promises merely without there a certainty. this nation is glader plays in road drama, is whiching at this legitimate theater the nation wheel activator is personating antagonist actor that be robber at country self. treasure whom they look for welfare word, therefore welfare there's never because at steal by the this nation wheel activator.

by herbowo sampurno

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