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Thursday, August 7, 2008

benefit other from vitamin c

follow ir. ali khomsan, society nutrient direction lecturer and family resource, ipbvitamin c has several important characters for body and so that don't until we experience vitamin deficit c. follow several vitamin benefits c for body among others:

1. vitamin c can brace heart muscle
2. vitamin c play important role to pass cholesterol metabolism process, because in course of vitamin cholesterol metabolism c can increase rapid cholesterol that throwed away in the form of sour gall and regulate metabolism kolestreol.
3. vitamin c can increase degree hdl and functioned as pencahar so that can increase dirt exile.
4. vitamin c can demote cholesterol degree and trigliserida tall
5. vitamin c so central in sintesis collagen so that can prevent attacked coroner heart sickness

impact and finally when do we experience vitamin deficit c:
1. vitamin deficit c inclined weaken blood vessel structure
2. can causes cell composition damage in artery artery wall
3. menakibat the happening of pyorrhea

therefore we must watch over our body so that bot lack of vitamin c with consuming food that contain vitamin c. vitamin nutrient sufficiency number c appointed as big as 60 mg a day or with consuming 100 g orange every the day

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