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Monday, August 11, 2008

hero without reward

label which during the time at pin in teacher as “pahlawan without sign jasa”, sea not ever will lost, they work with wage seada that given by government to run the noble task that is mencerdas nation life. because the income as honorary teacher only as big as 460 thousands only finished to tranport rupiah/month. said ani kusrini, spd, one of [the] honorary teacher at smpn 25 bekasi glorious hope bekasi, serve during 11 year (data source: ge mosaic, 20.11.2005).

teacher profession one of [the] profession very noble and prestigious but moved other teacher welfare stills very memprihatin. honorarium teacher up to tens year serve to be teacher, up to now still the status unclear. their waiting is to only one, that is a clear status as civil public servant (pns) ntah when they obtain, up to final the age doesn't up to standard again to lifted to be pns. they are not lifted because doesn't up to standard or because civil service criminal dirty game victim or apparatus at region that consider important money to enrich or beneficial ownself (bo wonder, because they are lifted pns also because amount of money).

this matter is very when do we hear statement from mendiknas bambang sudibyo, say" if want honest, actually existing teacher total in this time stills less. because existing teacher total itupun a part stills berstatus as teacher not permanent with low relative honorarium, " he said. (tuesday, 5 julies 2005, online work voice).

from data that got lkbn between known that wanted assistant teacher to fulfill teacher energy at various region at fatherland in the early year 2003 that is around 427.000 teacher, to cover educator energy deficit government lifts around 192.000 assistant teacher throughout indonesia. and in the year 2004 there appointment pns with formation 204 thousands that wanted to belong mengantaranya educator energy and at that time that sign-up 4,5 million person. in that enrollment is there 1,2 million that sign-ups to be educator energy with formation 60 thousands but assistant teacher that register and accepted only 25 thousands. actually government which during the time want energies and their thinking is as a educator, but practically they permanent will be" pahlwan without service" unappreciated the struggle to mencerdas nation child at this country.

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