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Monday, August 18, 2008

removed. . . removed. . .

the present day really like period purba…. bom alive culture now so trend kini. . especially at this state's capital is ”jakarta” or commercial places like market. . . . the difference if olden times formerly, human shifts about because to survive alive to look for bew food tune and that is on initiative they are self. . . but if trend ”hidup nomaden” in this time, they be be forced to move by people who he said has authority makes ngusir they are from where does he look for to eat under the cloak of diverse place, begin from forbidding-looking, green zone, quarrel tune, on the basis of authority that command at that region. . . . bla. . bla. . . bla. . . . etc. so here we can see meaning change that between olden times bom term with bom the present day. . . . or with term impressiveer again ”digusur”.

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Ruvist said...

di gusur maksudnya d halau lah tu.kesian