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Sunday, June 22, 2008

alternative tradisional therapy for hepatitis sufferer

hepatitis or equally this jaundice is caused by disturbed he is work function from consequence heart the happening of inflamation. this matter can happen because not aturnya time-table eat and too activities quantity that done so that body stamina is tired and weak. phenomenons from these hepatitis disease likes; lost it desire eats, puffed up stomach and more longer be seen to expand or be distended, sick and vomit, colour menyekitar eye, skin and nail turns into yellowness, body asa weak, weary tired is espoused muscle pain.

to cure it need treatment enough intensive so that this disease doesn't suffer a relapse again. because when suffer usually be mortallyer and can increase to be hepatitis b and c in this time follow my erudition there is no medicine in character patent can to cure disease one this. when can late be can be handled this hepatitis disease alterable be heart smallening (cirrhosis and furthermore be heart cancer. besides consuming medicines from doctor, tradisional therapy even also necessary is used to speed up convalescence process. tradisional therapy commonly use to cures this jaundice among others:

1. yellow bamboo shoot
to consuming yellow bamboo shoot or this yellow bamboo beforehand we must look for rust colored bamboo, then take young bamboo the skin surface stills not hard. afterwards wash and cut to be several pocket edition. then boiled with clean water up to water colour turns to be yellow and then pour to into one glass of water, but previous we filter beforehand. make cool a moment and afterwards can at consumption. best this yellow bamboo shoot is at consumption thrice a day, to speed up convalescence.

2. draw
draw or of a kind this shell obtainable easily at market. sebelumya we wash beforehand draw and then boiled with clean water for minutes. water from boiled draw is called later used to cure hepatitis sufferer.

3. temulawak
we can get temulawak this easily at tradisional market. in the first place wash beforehand then cut to be little some part. afterwards boiled with clean water, wait few minutes up to waters boileds to turn colour to be brownish. when want result boiled durable and can be used untuka few days best after be washed us sit in the sun beforehand. after water boileds to turn colour, filter and pour to into segelas water. temulawak this can at consumption 2 times a day.

by: herbowo sampurno
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