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Sunday, June 22, 2008

asterix stroll to english

when did you love to read comic certain detect about comic one this, that is asterisk adventures story. this comic narateds about roman empire strength that is led by yulius cesar in the year 50 sm. but there one village can not be subjugated by roman that is gaelic village, occupied by asterix and obelix. this village can not be subjugated by roman because they have witch-doctor product merit ingredients panoramix that increase kekeuatan somebody be double folded. asterix a strong soldiers and smart with be principal figure from this story. while obelix crony from asterix that has hobby eats grilled pig.

series adventures story asterix have a title asterix at english is drawn by uderzo and draft is made by goscinny, published by hope light book. in series this narated about adventures asterix and obelix that to english with bring one merit ingredients barrel to given to little village at cantium. at that moment english in pursuance of invasion to english danha one this village not yet can be vanguished.

in perjalan this is asterix many face disturbance and hindrance up to final barrel crush by roman army and ingredients mix with river water. in kaeadaan panic be assaulted by roman final asterix berinisiatif to will make ingredients curious with leaves at take away from house panoramix. out of a clear sky obvious that ingredients success because water that is used to boil taken from river that mix with merit ingredients and final that village is even also wins and free english from roman colony

this comic is very attractive and funny, even less moment asterix and obelix give battle to oppose roman soldiers likes fireworks party, everywhere clutter roman soldiers with condition enough tragic and fly to like rocket slides down. series adventures asterix this presented with picture quality and good colour with language use enough interestings. but follow me price on the market enough expensive to a comic.

by herbowo sampurno
at publicize first time at www. pintunet. com

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