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Sunday, June 22, 2008

tips associate in the style of aa gym

in life everyday we are of course not get out of all activities and interact to deliver fellow, in the connection we must associate with society around we. in book series management qolbu have a title art configurings heart in associate this aa gym want to explain to us how does tricks and manner associates good).

i shall quote article aa gym whereof actually explanation from will associate so that can our insight increase. associate original association from heart to sincerity full heart, insya allah asa very beautiful and fun. engineer full association and power trick for the benefit of low valuable will not ever eternal and inclined be good problem short-range also long-range (series management qolbu: k. h abdul gymnastiar).

tricks that presented by aa gym follow me very help for us because matters that submitted by him very useful and as according to our life condition is actually. follow several tricks associates good follow aa gym:

-a not threat for you
we are in associate don't until make our self is this as a(n) threat towards another person, because when are we assumed to harm by another person, so person even also respect and try to avoid us.
a. koid humiliation
b. koid to have a hand in private affair
c. koid to cut discussion
d. koid to compare
e. don't defend the enemy, scorn the friend
f. koid to botch the happiness
g. don't jimmy past
h. don't take the right
i. be careful with the anger
j. don't laugh it
k. be careful with appearance, body odour and mouth smell.

-a fun for you
a. face always cheerful clear
b. honest smile
c. words well mannered and soft
d. glad speak to
e. posed very polite fully honour
f. his feeling glad
g. fun appearance
h. forgive kesalaha he

-a useful for you.
a. diligent silahturahmi
b. mutual correlating to send present
c. please with whoever
d. science contribution and erudition

book series management qolbu this is with little the size but has segudang science and benefit for us. achievable the price that is with Rp. 1000 make this book can has everyone upon which reflection and intopeksi self.

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