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Monday, June 23, 2008

narcotics danger and the cause

narcotics now be a threat very serious for our nation and also the rising generation. many between our the rising generation is that fall to in the world of black and do to act consequence criminality consumings narcotics. in book have a title marijuana victim and this narcotics problem, wilson nadaek as author wants to give review about the danger consumings narcotics with government character in effort overcomes and remove narcotics circulation.

narcotics be ingredient very dangerous that can paralyse clear contemplative faculties with can influence central nerve composition in character membius and can evoke dependence for the user. one who consuming narcotics will immerse in bad way of thinking atmosphere and inclined aim in act criminality.
in this book is mentioned several somebody cause factors uses narcotics medicine, marijuana and as it. that is deliver other:
1. factor tries.
2. fugitive towards alive problem that at face it.
3. freedom statement.
4. group identification.

while several young children causes that still at school falls to and consuming. narcotics medicines among others:
1. parents bustle consequence less pay attention the child.
2. broken home, children loses guidance because parents household in a mess.
3. social change and way of living.
4. find difficulty in lesson.
5. boy mobility in environment unfavourable.
6. information undercommunication about narcotics danger.

this book is very be of benefit to every the reader, and invite us to always observant towards narcotics abuse the danger.

by herbowo sampurno


liz said...

thanks for stopping by and for the comment...take care

Jemi said...

i agree with this post ! i have kids and i don't want any of this stuff for my kids.