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Monday, June 30, 2008

campus power policies

tread on foot is internationalised campus, will mean to make provision against consequence that be accepted from every decision that will bring this foot will step. where does campus world be caned to execute jungle, menjejali by penghuni-penghuni that has intellectual ability really amaze, when and where lure into a trap this step into it the group communities strength (strength of group community) variously, good that done formally up to use gimmick strategy. then how to to escape from the mentioned? bothing;there is no definitive answer, but sometimes student university apathetic character t proved can to avoid all temptations. but remember, that not best solution with only can to be a true onlooker. may be we beed only one, that is a direction instruction (compass) that can show where foot will step to out from jungle so that not trapped mendalamnya, but sometimes effort be in vain moment flatter to persuade it membuta this eye to has reacheded for fame camouflage memilikinya, one of them policies kekusaan campus (politics power of campus), always equiped by fame package and the authority to have the authority, but that thing also that can lure into a trap us in crisis still not finished up to hand fist that speak. that's campus world life description in a flash always demand every the individual to posed netralitas afektif in evaluate and determine the choice.

policies constellation arena, really not only happen in country stage or government, campus environment even also can be a replica from policies world truthfully, student university as campus politicians even also not lose the great with sepakterjang this nations politicians, mutual scrambling power by a function, power and fame later will enrich their self self. campus policies atmosphere temperature heat day after day more will increase in line with will approach second student university great election time. this condition is a scenery that interesting to watched, when with clearly we witness student university policies coup arena pros and cons description (power of student politics), so that contention arena clear emitted and politic tactics game that perfominged by student university intellectual class, both for kasat also not eye? ?

education about policies really best known early on, and surely for the rising generation likes student university, but why does campus policies that be can be called also as policies world replica sesunggu, always reflect matters negative from policies game side, so that doesn't happen a balance proportion in campus policies constellation arena. policies wrestling very identical with coup between group or group, cenderumg allow all manner to get a camouflage authority.
borrow max horkheimer from mazab frankfurt about ratio and rationality (eclipse of reason, 2004-continuum international publishing group academy), education makes educated class adopteds subjective reasoning (subjective reasoning) in thinks and do on" only considering situation and the norm self" . in subjective reasoning, fungsionalitas be what a brainchild and that action is reasonable and acceptable or not. merunut concept horkheimer, education should menumbuh objective reasoning (objective reasoning), principle universalitas as way of thinking standard and act that overcome lokalitas, identity, and individual/group importance. (agus suwignyo, education and pelibatan policies, http: /www. unisosdem. org/). indicator and or limitation about campus policies truth concept which during the time used by student university very beranekaragam and not absolute in character, because still to influenced by factor-faktor that good student university idealism has individual also group. knowable, that is amount of conflict that deliver student university in scope student governance at college one of [the] the cause because campus policies coup (politics power of campus) by sprinkling elite student university policies, then and then differ mutual memperebut a camouflage authority to defend keberlangsungan the regime each. a part student university till now still not yet can look at a difference as born it democracy, good that is shaped opinion, principle and or perception difference in policies cauldron.

konsepsi power policies such as those which presented by a philosopher from country florence that is machiavelli that present the theory in one of [the] the work have a title ilprincipe (power policies). he propose what real must be done by a administrator to grab, defend, and avoid to lost it power by using all manner. they say this book is a holy/handle book by menctator world, begin from napoleon up to administrators menctator europe in world war ii, like stalin and hitler. policies power concepts that presented by machevelli, awarely or not adopted and begin to applied to return by campus intellectual class in this time, as trik they use to get support, begin from campaign under cover, mobilization mass bew comer is internationalised campus, do lobbies deliver elite policies, conspiracy up to manners indisposed to defend a regime in student governance practised.

a little differ from what presented machiavelli in the power policies, hegemony concept follows gramsci, in selections from prison notebooks (1991) 'hegemony concept not only related to policies domination, shaped 'strength (force), but also with domination via culture, belong language domination. in a power system not only need “kekuatan”, but need also public 'acceptance (public consent) that got via cultural leadership mechanism', belong language leadership. (yasraf amir piliang; language, policies, and nationalism) so that it is not strange now student university to simplify the policies purposes inclined put forward rhetoric ability mass, when be payed accurately like a supertitous formula that make us washed away insides the influence. really manner very hair-raising when every moment we are menyuguhi doctrines sometimes not yet proved the truth, but can influence our patterned thinking and inclined has activity subversive that is policies movement that assumed as disturbance in has aim overthrows valid government, by using manners oppose against hokum (prof. dr. soejono s. dictionary sosilogi)

when return to see policies atmosphere mobility height in the world of campus, knowable great election be made as arena unjuk policies strength tooth sprinkling individual, group and or student university organization, good that is that in direction scope, also university. student university that want to get esteemed position in student university organization levels mutual competes to interesting sympathy as much as possible, especially that be their target object is campus proletarian class, where inclined has apathetic and neutral in menyikapi carut-marut campus policies dynamics that why do they wanted so much? , because most of campus proletarian class doesn't has back anchor to give the voice right. therefore mobilization ability and rhetoric mass wanted in this case so much, they are mutual convince one another, that choice for them best choice, sometimes such as those which mentioned previous that in the case of inisemua manner can be allowed, begin from strategy incites, criticize, budge to nudge, distribution strategy pamphlet can (without there name/status not clear), lobbies with petinggi student university, up to game black campaign be scenery usually at that moment, they are mutual drop one same other just for grab a dais the jawara elite campus, later will have with kebijakan-kebijakan a yearlong to the fore, unknowingly what truth from responsibility mengembannya.

ironic really when does student university now only the thinking focus in campus policies, how with tridarma college which during the time be slogan, must be achieved by every student university as indicator within reason somebody be be called with word “mahasiswa, young intellectual class, agent of chance dll”? ? ? . sometimes they are too passionate play with campus policies, up to there are some from college occupants that forget the duty as front base in will voice society aspiration which during the time oppressed by hands policies administrators bermental “tempe”. besides coup indisposed mengampus have come to culture then preserved and always defended since formerly up to in this time.

recall exhibition ketoprak joke, has character and the task each in run the mission, where does their aim only one, that is how console the onlookers with their foolish behaviour. natural when later student university that sit membangku this nation bureaucrat, shrewder again will perfoming the policies character with will allow all manner to will achieve individual aim and the group. this only cusorily description from campus power policies, interesting to watched and more interesting to mengritisi….

by herbowo sampurno
22 februaries 2006,00.30 wib, port floats

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