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Monday, June 16, 2008

intlektualitas moslem woman

novel that published by zikrul this judge is novel islami that composed by pipiet twilight, a woman author very consistent with the profession, t more 30 th at rancour at treasure kepenulisan indonesia. novel bertajuk cottons in the sky this is loaded with meaning mendalamnya. in this novel a lot of lessons about life and or religious that applicable in life everyday. although this novel is novel islami but mendalamnya also narated how the important science and technology that run balance with the connection to allah the almighty and most worthy of praise.

principal figure in this story garsini, he is a woman that want to prove the ability with reaches accomplishment by accomplishment. beginning the aim interesting attention and the father affection, oftentimes treat it crudely and favoritism between three the brothers. leave from ketidakharmonisan in the old person household, garsini success prove self as child that can be maked. pass s, he devolves the lecture at ui. but in semester 3, he is success get scholarship monbusho from japanese government. garsini leave fatherland denga one aim, that is prove to world that girl muslimah, berjilbab likely even also can to speak at international world. mengalangan rekan-rekan at university tokyo, garsini known as energetic student university, jenius, obedient beribadah and berkepribadian strong, always bandaged with unique clothing. mengalangan lecturer, garsini even also very awarded and loved, so that there a guest professor at the university, prof. charles impress once ably garsini and make garsini as asiste. support blessing from professor this is him success published comparison dictionary delivers asia nations.

this novel surplus is seen clear from writer article style. writer presents a novel with wording that interesting and simple the language. also display figure with character and ending this novel is even also enough interestings, principal figure that is garsini is aimed between two choices, return ketanah water and get application a doctor or get scholarship s2 to university berkelas. this novel is very attractive and very proper read. here we can find different nuance from novel.

by herbowo sampurno

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