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Monday, June 16, 2008

policies economy in viewpoint

since crisis 1997, so everybody realize how kaitnya economies problems with policies problems. how hit regime suharto very tight related with hit indonesian economics. economy crisis that in indonesia be impact from global capitalist influence, where does economy stability condition and indonesia policies that is presenting on course most under. this crisis is not gets international globalization influence that brings fresh wind for domination understands neo-liberal berorientasi in market freedom and profit. doesn't less important again caused by government wisdom implementation failure which is on bew order period time more memfokus self in economy infrastructure development merely regardless of the impact for societal social life.

tall economy growth at that moment only is appearance shadow for many indonesia society. and when does that system collapse, people only is enjoying appearance economy growth is being forced to is liquidating policies social cost that is experiencing great belief crisis in indonesia. potential foreign capital that investment in indonesia in the end only be heavy load for people not on the contrary as power penumbuhan indonesia society strength. therefore can be watchinged manifestly, that is a large part alive indonesia citizen under poverty line as absolute consequence from world capitalism influence, with escorted by the increasing of act criminality and difference social in society. authority abuse by bureaucracies actors and monopolinya market by segolongan elite that dominate vital production factors, then maked use by capitalists to scratch profit as great as possible pass market monopoly, so that aggravate economy social order that there.

but actually approach ekonomi-politik far than only connection between economy and also configuration institute and rumors good-governance from world bank. ekonomi–politik approach peel/ analyze connection pattern and importance pattern various group and class that implied in various modern economy change process, especially capital economy (capitalism economy).

as we know that policies economy is influenced by policies factor, social, economy, and culture. in corruption disease policies area, collusion, and nepotism many menjangkiti leaders and decision taker at government resort. abroad debt is target and opportunity to do corruption so that project - only be economy movement simbol inefficient. in global transaction economy area random without calculates password power ability in country, crisis, abroad debt berujung in belief crisis, so that produce economy structure inequitable and harm publics. this be direct cause from national economy bankruptcy.

change problem and social transformation from various class and group along tight related history with how go on it capital fertilizing process and wealth accumulation at society. this matter is longer more creats difference between various group/class at society, that is: rich class and poor class; peasantry and group industrialis; worker group and boss group; entrepreneur class and labourer class. this policies economy analysis, that is dependability deepens between relations sosial-ekonomi with power (policies).

in rights economy base economy can not be run thoroughly this matter can be seen from the hoisterous of cases towards rights abuse base economy. like phk mass that done by pt indonesia sky merngakibat quantity workers that lose the work eye. the economy situation not also membaik-baik, especially because all the policies situation. commonly, person now understand connection between economy with policies. even now orthodox economists, begin to realize the economy science limitedness and begin to put into policies factor to depth. can not again only mengutak-atik macro economy instrument, monetary and fiscal; but also must mengutak-atik democracy problem, penega ham or policies institutionalization process.

by herbowo sampurno

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