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Monday, June 16, 2008

self creativity reflection in ability reconstruction effort

education pattern that make snare somebody in a dogma to not ability. one of them education pattern in family that prohibit the child to do a certain outdoor custom in this case has positive, family as character shaper a child too protect the child from a negative influence from environment around, which is on final the mentioned will have to retarded ability actualization process at the property, pattern culture mendidi child according to heredityly then applied. should parents can to adapt with the child, because in will walk the life a child always will bloom, in this case parents must can to laid character and function as director and controlling from the child character development, not even on the contrary protecting child with in such a manner.

factor other that support bentuknya character a child potential exploration indigent in self child felts self doesn't can to compete with the fellow and also in the field of at enthuse it, so that emerge character “minder” and always make self as level communities group 3 doesn't can to do anything

and in the end will form character a identical child with pattern will think passive, and identical with character doesn't has a opinion, environment in this case even also be big character also in retard somebody creativity, sometimes environment in communities doesn't give to chance for him[s to show the existence in communities, he always will be dragged by ego individual in communities

disability to will do manouvres in will act can also be influenced by factor because too calculate risks that be faced. influence final be doctrine that prevent self to try to express self

suggestion that can be given try to attack conventional tradition which during the time take root in our life, begin from family up to in interaction pattern in a social communities. therefore membutuhkannya a organizer that can to arouse th and society environment in the social communities. and always sure that is us has ability, character and character to can to compete with other, we can to follow competition in so many matter, for no perfect human in life this.

by: herbowo sampurno

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