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Monday, June 16, 2008

classic story

in a my box muses to look for to know restless at this heart, why does alive sea stump. what do i look for, what kan i go to. there's nothing detect. a single cigarette i have sucked achieve latest points. but permanent not i find also that secret. sit me at a old seat at accompaniess coldness evening, be my intimate friend during the time. in a brown study, i am berdialog with other myself, myself not ever felt restless, myself always calm in peacefulness.

suddenly rain driblet mengampiri world heat that since a while ago heated by the sun. lonely atmosphere returns to bring me to into imaginary world. not asa cruel time run to leave me in solitary, solitary not ever i shall know to when end. i am my footstep enters a lonely room, as lonely as myself. i console my self with a slow song mendayu fills this soul clearness.

i sink down this with not forget me flame sebatan cigarette. i see around that room, sea want to narated their secret, but who will listen me moment i shall require a friend. room atmosphere sea overcrowd and demolish confidence ruins during the time then shade and haunt every my step. more this story me writes more i am fallen down in a maze, quandary eternal. new few minutes ago kulupa all this problems, but he is then approach me, always remind me return to a fear not ever i understand.

by herbowo sampurno

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