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Monday, June 30, 2008

form and build good credibility

credibility or with term other event that can trusted this be one of [the] our authorized capital in endure alive and do all activities as social creature. because in life societal attitude mutual believe towards one another of vital importance. therefore roger one who crass build and take care belief (aa gym). abdul gymnastiar in book series self character have a title “ build credibility “ this give tips in build our self credibility to are one who believable. this book is published by pt. pearl qolbun saliim at the price of rp 1500.

example sesorang that has tall credibility level our adoration is prophet muhammad may allah bless him and give him peace. he is in the period is one who very trusted, therefore by prophet mecca society muhammad given degree al amen. to build good credibility there are some tips that is submitted by aa gym in this book, that is:
1. honesty proved and uji
honesty key behaviour very effective to build belief or credibility (aa gym). in point this first is there are some matter necessary is payed that is: don't sometimes lie, don't be easy make promise, on time in all matter, accustom memeiliki data and clear fact, has, kemamampuan and seriousness evaluates self, don't ever broken spirit and desperate.
2. capable
build self belief besides must has our honesty also must has ability or know-how in do a certain matter/perkerjaan.
3. innovative

here we are guided to display a certain bew matter and always follow existing period development, therefore innovative this is very tight the connection with level kemampaun kreatiitas we. key from point third this us must always anticipative towards change, and always ready meyikapi change so that will not ever remained by change (aa gym).

this book stills has size enough little but has big benefit, this book can we conceive of booklet that can we bring wheresoever we go upon which that reading. language that used even also easy for us comprehend so that we can conclude self what aim and meaning that want to submitted author in this book.

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