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Monday, July 7, 2008

cry in saturation point

cry in saturation point

world at universe
only quiet muse in solitary
submit without can mengucap as broken as word
at heart oppressed
alas my friend ….
you have broken merimu
you have hurt my heart
inikah reply that must kuterima
from you alas my friend. .
you are alive menubuhku
you feel jalnya my skin
moment you put into effect to walk the hard alive
kaupun within reason parasite for me
every moment always trample my head
with all arrogance and your naivete
again you t hurt me
inikah saturation point for me
which during the time always loyal accompany you
accompany you in time dimension
kan then rolling
i am tired ……a tired ….
i only can wail in weeping
not kan ever can you hear

boim lebon
14 – 07 – 2005/17: 26
research hovel

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