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Thursday, July 17, 2008

education as a(n) commercial matter

education one of [the] authorized capital for we and nation. but to get proper education in this time we must try hardly because education has commercial. when must we want to get education have a certain quality we pay it with equally there is no money there is no education. its proof sekian many childs that broken off school or can not continue education kejenjang higher a large part at result because cost problem. scholarship program that conducted by government in this time only can help a part little from them, this is lah that be big question for us especially is attributed for government. has aim to mencerdas nation life. and that aim is not yet thoroughly done because not yet existence uasaha maximal from pemeritah. should aware government how the important this education to kemajuaan nation because they be candidate from our nation leader beloved.

education for low class society is matter very scarce. children better berkerja to help their parents than must go keseko. why does low class society will choose matter like that because they will think that education will not guarantee their alive successful and impress just for fritter money. elucidation undercommunication about education benefit is one of [the] the factor. must it they realize that their children even also has opportunity equal to anak- existing child throughout indonesia

criticism: less effort existence maximal from all society circles especially government in overcome education problem

suggestion: how does the important education character to the future (of) we, government must it mobileer again in effort to mencerdas nation

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