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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

modern terrorism pioneer

attack invansi united america to iraq some time ago this evoke many questions. offence that done by united america with command bush which during the time mendasar on mass destroyer weapon property only figment semata because up to in this time statement not yet provable. they then campaign keseluruh world to assure that iraq keep mass destroyer weapon that can endanger whole world and to get support from international world in the plan does military aggression to iraq. in book have a title turned axis invasion to work iraq elba damhari, published by senayan eternal publishing this open what actually been america offence background.

book as thick as 119 this yards gives information to us about purpose and aim from invansi axis to iraq. several things that be reasons from invansi not other and bot more because money. bush will motivat by money that be produced from oil field that has by by iraq. in this book is author says that bush only wish for war to oppose all rule that limit axis economy importance and berencana to regulate oil distribution in the east middle, and watch over price so that permanent fall to reaches big profit for america government.

america side even also say that saddam hussein has connection with international terrorism likes osama bin wait on with put into iraq intoes “ devil axis ” with iran and north korea. so that form negative public opinion towards third country because can disturb international world peacefulness. has reason estimates about invansi axis to iraq that taken from various source, among others: 1. economy reason, especially iraq oil that has second biggest oil provision at world. 2. iraq stills has mass destroyer weapon and so far estimated to still then developed. 3. iraq related to international terrorism network likes al-qaidah. 4. grudge president bush towards saddam5. reason keagamaan6. undemocratic iraq and bush want mengubahnya7. animus dollar axis versus euro. book have a title turned invansi axis to this iraq is presented with simple language, good paper quality and cover book enough interesting so that make person interested to read it. (24 marches 2003)

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