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Sunday, July 13, 2008

family as bridge to achieve ridho allah the almighty and most worthy of praise

form family sakinah be a matter that can membilang difficult easy. follow abdul gymnastiar or often speaked to aa gym this, in the book have a title aim family sakinah, edition mqs book grafika say that cause from collapse it a nation can be preced from the crashed household order. when does connection in family crack and crashed, so this matter can evoke negative impact for children.

for that to form family sakinah best we do from beginning that is begin from wedding process. they are that berrumah ladder must detect beforehand right and their duty is in builds a family so that always bless by allah the almighty and most worthy of praise. in this book aa gym explain what be character from husband and wife. husband character among others as family leader, family patron, look for and give rightful living for the family, educate the family as according to that teachings by allah the almighty and most worthy of praise, etc. while for wife character make house as heaven for family, educate, watch over and care the children, ready for give birth to, etc.

book have a title aim family sakinah this has size enough little, therefore can we bring wheresoever we go as reader, price of the book this is even also relative very cheap, that is only rp. 1000, -. this book full of benefit and can insight increase for us.

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