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Monday, July 28, 2008

want story trus ask

these few days me lg seneng ngeliatain shoutmix alias my guest book. . . many new acquaitances merely pays or interacted at blog i. . . i think" whew there also there shoutmix alias guest book" , minimal as interaction media at world blog, but today i meet oddity. . . story likes this. . .

at the (time) of online, i am again semangat-semangat ngebalesin messages that enter at guest book alias shoutmix at blog i, suddenly telephone sound, . . . kring. . . kring. . . whew obvious a work calling and i must soon end adventures at world blog this, my heart weighing must enclosing windows explorer/opera/mozilla (forget pake yg which), while adad several messages at shoutmix not yet sempat i am bales or i am visit returns. . . . . alternative that appear, i only can remember until dmana message at bukuta that i have visited to return. . . wal result final i go jg run task.

finished from task, i returned online to menuntas perkerjaan a while ago delay, that is reply all messages that enter at shoutmix blog i, moment i open blog i. . . whew obvious there [are] new message again that enters, but i tried to prioritise messages that enter moment i can mission in life a while ago. . . i look for where message at shouthmix latest not yet i visit. around my few minutes look for at shouthmix, obvious message tu lost i don't know where. . . . (whew so ga delicious here, the afraid at say proud. . . . meninggalin trace at blog but there is no reply), i try to look for at web shouthmix. . . a little glad, obvious there there back up messages data that enter, without a thought long i click button downloads messages. . . but what is going on! ! ! ! ! ! a appear my monitor

" download error
archive download is available for premium accounts only" .
upgrade now to enable message archiving"

yeah so dissapointed i, messages a while ago not yet membale final lost i don't know where. . . . aware also sih" also free" yes hrus accept free the standard service also. . .

yes merely unek and shring aja. . . . . kith there that experience to like ni? ? ? ? what only i that experience it yes. . . . . if may ask which guest book the recommendation stored datas well and can be downloaded to when aja without having to upgrade to premium facilities. . . . waited the conception.

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1nd1r4 said...

Did u intentionally translate this text in this way..I mean combining English and Indonesian? Correct me if I'm wrong...u r using transtool software to translate the isn't really a proper software for translation though