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Friday, July 25, 2008

the funny comic bundle and interesting

this time a lot of comics that go around mempasaran. there adventures comic, pretty serial and comic that narated funny matters and foolish. the bundle one of [the] droll comic ever i read. the bundle is attitude comic jokes work result jojok sulaiman that published by creativ media jakarta.

this comic narateds life a family a child that named bundle augmentings one assistant that named mbok and a the grandfather pet buffalo benama kebo. follow character from figure exist in comic the bundle. budel that has naughty character, funny and smart this always make funny manner and make to suffer the mbok. active bundle father berkerja but always ask aid the mbok. bundle mother that like ripe but always fail. bundle grandfather that be former play boy village and like ngintipin person bathes. bundle grandfather lives mendesa accompanied with the kebo that has character doesn't like animal. the mbok that be assistant from this bundle family has loyal character, like berkerja hard and patient. because in this comic is figure most often suffers the mbok.
picture quality from this comic is very attractive and make person laughs when read it. this comic is presented in the form of rangkain picture with language style very funny follow me. (first publicized at www. pintunet. com)


edisamsuri said...

Comic...hundred s of comic are available in book store but I prefer reading magazine kang..but thank for the sharing anyway

gagay said...

haie..dropping by! got a tag for u at good day!