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Friday, July 25, 2008

new solution for sugar maker basic commodity

sugar is calorie source and energy very need by human body. besides sugar has haved basic commodity from various food industrial and drink and used upon which foodstuff preservative. in book have a title new natural sweetener thatch palm, written by yusni bandini and published by pt penebar this self-supporting gives new solution from sugar maker basic commodity. follow thatch palm plants author very big potential as sugar maker new basic commodity source.

this thatch palm plants has several superiorities that is cheap the price because without having to take care and plant it us get basic commodity for sugar. because this thatch palm plants is wild plant that grows and alive luxuriantly mendaerah forest mangrove. besides process penyadapan nira from this thatch palm plants is enough easy because we are unnecessary climbs to like process penyadapan nira in coconut tree and sugar palm.

this thatch palm plants belongs to in kin aracaceae (palmae) and subfamili nipoideae. thatch palm is wild plants and thrive at ebb region forest or forest mangrove and in marsh region or brackish have water river estuary. process penyadapan nira in this thatch palm plants is said enough easy. nira got from process penyadapan in tandan the thatch palm flower. long process penyadapan this can achieve time 90 days or more, every result average the day from sap tapped nira achieves 1 litre/day/malai. penyadapan biasanaya done in the female flower stalk. when be let female flower be the effect of thatch palm plants.

this book gives new solution for basic commodity from sugar maker with is explained also manner membudidaya, process penyadapan nira and utilization from this thatch palm plants. and this thatch palm plants is even also of vital importance the influence for ecosystem balance at forest mangrove. this book even also give that information for us with erudition increase and insight about thatch palm plants

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