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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

water always be problem

a little comment about pdam at port floats especially at region way halim. in fact as society waitress especially for clean amount of water required fulfillment pdam as companies country not or less has optimal function. each month my house pays water to pdam as big as rp. 4000 with details rp 2500 for maintenance cost and rp 1500 for administrative fee. so that during the time i pay water just for operating expenses and administration.

i long haven't used service pdam as clean water dealer because since this rearward some years is water darinpdam very rare once out, only moment certain water from pdam out, itupun majority at the (time) of bighttime or early morning. bot to mention water inhalation problem pdam by using water pump by society around. so that water that canalized from pdam when come up with my house part very little the current, this matter is water inhalation consequence. on that account i am more opting uses well water as amount of water required fulfillment everyday, and for need cooks and drink usually i have bought clean water that ready for drunk.

clean amount of water required fulfillment for need everyday of vital importance. for that as company country that move in penyediaan clean water, pdam should show the performance and sebisa may be to doesn't disappoint the customer. (first time at publicize at www. pintunet. com)

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