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Sunday, August 3, 2008

alive wells without stress

here i want to submit several tips to cause the loss of stres may be often we meet in life everyday. previous i want to define meaning from word stress itself. word stres may be old stuff for us, because we often hear it from ones menyekitar we or may be we are ever experience it self. stres follow me be a mind pressure that can influence somebody emotional level and being caused by existence a problem/problem that being faced. stres indirectly can influence our body condition. because usually person stres quicker the blood circulation from normal person and can causes hypertensi or tall blood.
follow several tips to cause the loss of stres among others:
•hadapi all problem with clear idea. with our clear idea can take steps furthermore that must be done to can overcome it without brought by emotion in take a decision.
•buat atmosphere around you are to relax. atmosphere that relax and will relax can make us forget a moment problem that we are facing so that our mood even also better.
•introspeksi self. moment intropeksi self here's we look for to know what be cause incidence stres, because stres can be caused by matters among others: because family problem, connection that broken, disease disturbance, heavy load that must be underwrited in life, found problem with masyarakt at vinicity environment, willing is not fulfilled, etc.
•laku best that can you do. with effort maximal insya our allah can swiftly finish problem with try to posed more realitis in life in face of a problem.
•coba share problem with your friend. is telling problem that you are facing in one who you are believe. may be constructively from your another person can finish problem and can see problem with interest objective.
•bertawakal in god for no problem can not be finished and is considerring problem that you are facing as test from god for us.
•jadi your day is happy with smile and laughter. one who always cheerful not easy experience sters, because moment face their problem not easy dissolved in emotional mood and can calmer face it.

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