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Friday, August 1, 2008

benefit from god crown and manner cultivation

may be we are less detect many whereof that is god crown plants, follow many people very useful and berkhasiat to cure assorted disease. in book have a title heritage medicine god crown essay gods ning harmanto this is that will help us to will know farther about god crown plants. god crown that be this indonesia original plants comes from island irian glorious or now famouser with the title papua this has a lot of benefit and the merit.

in god crown plants utilization can be done with two manners, that is by consume it direct and cultivate it in the form of ingredients. but manner better and safe by cultivate it beforehand. result from this god crown ingredients can also mengombinasikan with ingredients other or with modern medicines from doctor. in the form of this ingredients is god crown is used to cure assorted disease, from light until disease that belong to heavy. god crown can be used to cure cancercous, heart, liver, mengabetes, tall blood, reumatik, sour tendon, kidney. besides also can to cure skin disease, allergy, medicine dependence and as stamina adder.

this god crown plants can live in various condition, good mendatran rndah also tall. this plants can grow up to ketinggaan 10-1200 m. to mempanyak this god crown plants is best is done oculatively, although rather difficult but show success in effort membudidayakan. transplantation can be done when stick that peeled mengering and best helped with cream root growth incentive hormone. something else necessary done with pour out water routinely with lessen branch too long and many. transplant can mempindah to planting media after 6-8 week. heritage medicine god crown book this gods is very be of benefit to we are in insight increase and science about secret that consist in in this god medicine plants and manner membudidayakan.

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