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Monday, August 25, 2008

culture sociology

culture is all results from work, taste and society aim. culture problem is of vital importance to studied more deepen because culture and human society is duumvirate is not dissociated. culture term comes from sanskrit word buddhayah that be plural form from word buddhi that mean mind or mind. culture come from word latin colere that mean to cultivate and do (soerjono soekanto, 1987, ”sosiologi a pengantar”, press hawk, jakarta).

culture will be human erudition that believed the truth by concerned and muffled with muffle feeling and human emotions with be source for good something that evaluation system and bad, valuable something that or not, clean something that or dirty, and as it. this matter can happen because that culture be muffled by moral values, source from moral values in alive opinion and in ethic or ethics system that has by every human (geertz, 1973b), (www. google. com).

follow andreas eppink, culture or culture contains overall explanation, value, norm, science with overallly social structures, religious, and others, addition again all intellectual statement and artistic that be individuality a society. culture is all human man expressive expression aspects that is realized in vinicity nature. this matter can physically also way of thinking. culture word can mean: 1) idea, intelligence, concept, 2) customs and traditions, 3) everything human expression, 4) something that has been habit and difficult changed and 5) art, culture, clothes (www. wikipedia. com).

many opinions scholars about culture elements, by c. kluckhohn analyzed with indicate in scholar opinions kernel, , conclude culture element existence that assumed as cultural-universals, that is: .
a) device and human life equipment
b) alive livelihood and economy systems
c) social system
d) language
e) artistry
f) erudition system
g) religion
(widyosiswoyo, s, 1996, ”il culture dasar”, ghalia indonesia, jakarta)

culture good for human, that is to protect self from nature, regulate to relations to deliver human and as container than every feeling human. bothing;there is no static culture; every has dynamics. movement be effect [of] society movement that be culture container. besides found also the happening of culture acculturation. acculturation is where a human group with a culture certain, aimed with elements from a different foreign culture in such a manner, so that that foreign culture elements is phlegmatically laun is accepted and cultivated to into culture self, without causes to lost it itself culture personality (soerjono soekanto, 1987, ”sosiologi a pengantar”, press hawk, jakarta)

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