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Thursday, August 28, 2008

tag. . . " the age that is me wish to get back to"

yes final task tag from gratcia finished also, berawal date 2 june 2008, gratcia contact boim lebon at shoutbox. he. . jreeeng. . . . jreeeng. . . " there present tag lg here" . . . he. . he. . whew final hit again nh task. nostalgia the name the task. . . . whew must me-review come again ingetan udh long sleep along more the older age. . . ok the time does tag. .

" the age that is me wish to get back to"

in league the associate language calcio" negli epoca quanto noodle ansioso potere ritornare nuovamente" . if mempikir-pikir, likely memories formerly stored now gradually a little paled, necessary heavy extra work plus dopping segelas coffee formerly lets inget. . . little time memoriess formerly.

“pada can i hope lagi” age. . my time the answer is aged kuran more 4 tahun…dimana boim stills lucu-lucunya…he. . he…waktu little moment most at wait first day of idulfitri. . the exercise if first day of idulfitri certain money at dompet-dompetan age formerly certain full of money hundreds rupiah…pa again formerly there direct aid wisdom if fasting (blkp) from person rumah…jd if can half day fasting future can bonuses duit…(lumayan can buy chicki+ma somay fit open fasting). . formerly clock 12 day so time favorit…. the time haves in the middle of people who again puasa…. he. . he. . but fit time bedung at evening boim also open fasting again kedua…. (know namy also child kecil)……

and time menunggu-tunggu final dateng juga…. ”lebaran”, evening before first day of idulfitri usually with temen in the same spirit little time make torch trus around sampe malem. . . whew violent so tuh arounds time. . . . while shouts takbiran plus cekakak-cekikik until the voice wants abis. . . . . he. . he. . , the next morning dawn udah rapih. . with coat suit baru…(dulu every first day of idulfitri certain new coat …soal can buy only one year once. . ). . abis sholat…. eng. . ing. . eng…. the time assorts “thr”, well there boim little time scratches kekayaan…. lumayan…dompet boim in front of it cartoon ga clear tu. . can full of money copy one hundred rupiah…plus eat food enak-enak……he…he…

that is my is story…” the age that is me wish to get back to”…how abaout you? ? ? ? ? ?
ok boim soon passing nig tag to wong alit and unieq. . . . . thanks for gratcia that is entrust tag this is to boim, so i am can remember my is little time funny memories

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cezmed said...

nice story :D
pake translatorkah :)
jadi pngn bikin blog bahasa inggris juga euy :D

have a nice day brader :>