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Monday, September 1, 2008

perspective country administration ecology

as social creature, human never can alive alone. anywhere, bilamanapun and in a state of however, human always need agreement to fulfill the alive need do not know limit because the natural tendency as the degree highest creature on earth.

to defend the alive as the degree highest creature, human must can to fulfil alive need mendasar (basic needs) also side alive need (derived needs) exactly more many and more various. besides biological need, human faces social need and integrity not easy filled without agreement with the fellow. by because that's human always develop social partnerships (social group) and the control (social organization) by societal orderliness. unconsciously, social partnerships with the institute ware creats environment (alive) social that demand the members to accustom self, as they accustom self towards the nature environment

human mind ability to unified (to assimilate) khasanah nature into culture domain and see self and another person as part from the environment that's social environment realization base. with according to simpleer bennett (1976) declare that human lives in environment whom they exploit, not to menyalah use, with another person that form a environment (humam ecology) that be part from environment broader (natural ecology) as a matter of fact. therefore human more many demanded to adapt towards social environment whom they create based on the culture comprehension than accustom self towards only nature environment (budhisantoso, “pengelolaan social environment, economy and budaya”, july edition people economy 2002, www. google. com).

administration as has generelizability and universal in has elements same, anywhere and whenever administrative science applieds. but known that in one country administrate system self still met administration subsystem from a society group that describe influence connection between country administration with vinicity environment, physical good also the society environment. therefore with mengkaji country administration ecology that be one of [the] administrative science branch, we can explain interrelationship that between environment (environment) where does that country administration grow and bloom with country administration self that assumed as alive organism (living organism) (pamudji, “ekologi administration negara”, build letter)

in country administrative science study, especially in country administration ecology, culture observation holds one of [the] part enough important, because culture belongs in one of [the] ecological factors element beraspek social in ecological observation. besides in culture aspect is studied also various somebody behaviour pattern and or a group person (tribe) the orientation revolves about life bernegara, country administration exertion, policies, law, customs and traditions and habit norm that walk, thought, done, and inspired by entire society members every the day, with mencampurbaurkan with accomplishment at civilization area (inu gold, et al, public administrative science; 140). how does the important culture at one particular society, inferential from opinion melville j. herkovits that propose explanation cultural determinish, mean behwa everything found in society is determined existence by culture that has by that society.

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