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Thursday, September 4, 2008

restructuring applications and revitalisasi public organization in region autonomy era

kolaborasi restructuring and revitalisasi public organization in region autonomy era more or less give information to society, how character and function from a organization. several law basements from region autonomy applications that is preced with menyepakatinya tap mpr number xv/mpr/1999 about region autonomy exertion, arrangement, distribution and national resource utilization with justice with finance counter balance between centre and region in order to republic of indonesia unity state, and mengeluarkannya uu no. 22 year 1999 about local government.

by caused by change system government in indonesia from has sentralistik be desetralistik, so every region necessary do to configuration to redo about system the government. region autonomy execution in the end give various implication towards government activity in region level. one of them towards development and local bureaucracy construction. with vast authority to region, so the implication berdemensi positive towards development and local bureaucracy construction concerns organization development and career aparatur local government. has chance to build appropriate government structure with region need, build system and administrative career pattern, with develop effective government management system (simon sumonjoyo hutagalung, “implementasi restructuring wisdom pemerintsahan region in order to autonomy execution daerah”).

hicks and gullet 1987 propose that change at one particular organization divisible be three change groups that is change teknologis, structural change and human change. change teknologis be structural type of change and change that cover new products with new processes, human change covers staff change while structural change is type of change that cover policies or new procedures. but follow nugroho in region autonomy context, every organization public must more memfokus restructuring pattern and revitalisasi organization public in four (4) matters that is:
1. perampingan functions should not be carried out by government, in public organization can shift job out but still has (outsourching), give thoroughly to outside party, or berasama-sama managed with outside party.
2. cause the loss of politrical appointy insides public organization is slurred side and configuring appropriate organization with public demand, must not always slender, effective prima facie.
3. build diametrical connection but functional with organisasai contra bureaucracy within reason as mirror from orgnisasi public
4. configuring orgnisasi public so that uniform sengan global public demand.
(rian nugroho, 2000, op cit, hlm 25-29)

in course of restructuring applications and revitalisasi public organization in autonomy era in the end doesn't reflect in beginning aim melakukannya restructuring and revitalisasi, when all changes in in organization public threaten in four matters that mentioned by nugroho. in reality in this time perampingan organization functions public turn into structure unfoldment pattern, so that term “miskin rich structure fungsi” which during the time is aim from a organization public only be a slogan merely. pattern manajerial that applied organization public in this time inclined berorientasi in profit without put forward kejahteraan and society welfare (civil society). region autonomy values which is on initially aim to make local government as central points in government exertion and development with mengedapan vast autonomy, real and responsible so that supposed can to increase efektifitas and efficiency in run government wheel with increase public service quality to society at various sector life, little not yet feeled change existence that mean

by herbowo sampurno

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Restructuring application is more on improving the system..

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