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Monday, September 8, 2008

is a leader at this country. . ? ? ?

in this time indonesian in the process of is earning to is democraticing, one of them with mengadakannya also this country leader. but sometimes we are trapped with sweet promises leader candidates moment campaign process. in course of campaign society not at what transformation and how seoarng leader be said good to lead the people. phenomenon that during the time, leaders only teach to how manners lets promise, later we even also difficult to will collected promises. merely me riview several insidents that during berjala direct election process in indonesia. process pilkada or pilpres even be axis from conflict appearance horizontal at society. this matter happens because ketidak siapan from every elemt at this country for election process directly. many informations mentions that conflict appear because:

existence money policies moment process kampnye.
distension voice/kecuarangan moment election process
data collection voters that still blurred the validity
calculation process sometimes at colour deceit
ketidak siapan leaders get beatings
law existence that must it be solution from conflict, even turn around direction can evoke conflict
ketidak tegasan government in take decision

from several examples on knowable that society during the time can not get good study in course of pemiliahn direct. and only impress to follow trend that bloom at that moment society, presumably can give profit a moment. or follow decree in when is he merged into a group. trend this is many at applied by society. not public secret again when moment campaign process, they are that doesn't come because to ikhlasan want to support leader candidate pilihann, but they come berduyung2 because at give amount of fund so that they want to follow. . . here's one of [the] leader example that must it unnecessary be chosen by masayarkat. ”belum be leader teach something that not good, how later if be this country leader? ? ? ”

by herbowo sampurno

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