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Friday, September 12, 2008

there that want money 1.000.000 (one million dollar)

day this, time see blog obvious there info from innitial v that tell that there is a company big want to rival google or myspace etc. . they (according to them will divide -bagi 1 million dollar to member that unite before 1 july 2008), fit at investigate to his web obvious true, there statement likes this:

" we are acres giving away one million dollars usd split between everyone who joins for free and helps us spread the word about the new web 2.0 upgrade before our july 1st launch! "

believe ga believe sih. . time at age matter stills there willing distributes money with segitu the easy, which money at share not small change lg. . . tp 1 million dollar. . . wauw nominal enough fantastic make us. . . . approximately want what year ni so that can ngumpulin money segini many? ? ? for that want tau the info please click the logo hereunder

make temen blogger or general public that want to try. . please, ga there lost it nyoba formerly. . . if ga bener yes mean world has returned normal, because really ga there yg free at this world. . . congratulation try and pray smoga what this information is true. . . . he. . he

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